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If scuttling inevitable destroy ship thoroughly." It was signed "Raeder, Grand Admiral and was sent after a conference with Hitler. It was.25.m. "Might as well get it over with quickly Captain Pottinger said. "I'll still have strength to." Wilkins had the build of a policeman. The prisoners knew that the Spee had gone almost as soon as Dau. He said England would win the war anyway and that would be the end of Germany." "Facts will soon disabuse you gentlemen of your silly notions Dau said patronizingly to the Norwegians. free sex chatting sex kristiansund If there was to be action what could he do except shelter behind LangsdorfFs powerful battleship. One by one the Germans learned the intricacies of the scoring; but the mumbo-jumbo of the game, coloured by rhyming slang allusions, puzzled and confused them com- pletely. The warship had disappeared from sight and the Altmark was putting on speed: the engineers reckoned a good twelve knots. "Mast in sight John Bammant moved cat-like for all his bulk, up the thirty-nine steps of the ladder in the trunkway and peered through a gap in the hatch. From the bridge Langsdorff, stop watch in hand, was wait- ing for the explosion which would put an end to the Clement.

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On the morning of November 17 Dau called the doctor excitedly to join him as a Portuguese voice came over the air. "Bitte here bitte there!" one British youngster aped the Germans but without malice in his voice. The Altmark crew stood silent. "We have no time to lose. Hardly had they reached her when a pillar of smoke rose from the Spee and billowed into a huge black mushroom. Now Captain Langsdorff was no longer in doubt that he had underestimated the enemy. On the Cossack's bridge the officers could hear the shots and shouts of the boarders and the Altmark sailors. A hit had damaged the electric wiring system and put out the lights, though later the engineers managed to get a solitary bulb alight again. The guards had placed a canvas across the hatch. The Intrepid, unperturbed either by the mishap or the Norwegian's approach, continued on her course. But now he had a serious, frightening message. Churchill's initiative, the death of the Clement at the same time, was much slower than anticipated. It was dusk before he told the guards to conduct them to the holds. Would Langsdorff try to run for it? "Gentlemen he said, "we are in Montevideo harbour. "Incredible stupidity!" he whispered.

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A powerful beam of light behind shutters which closed and opened rhythmically was just visible in the free sex chatting sex kristiansund distance. That night was stormy, and at one o'clock a big sea broke over the Altmark with such a roar that everybody woke. " He was buttoning up his tunic, pulling his peaked cap further down over his face -when the ship's phone purred on his desk. "At fourteen knots she has a radius of fifteen thousand sea miles he said boastfully. "Would be just the job to run into this Altmark. At the same time he prepared for evasive action in case the U-boat surfaced and attacked. It was clear that Weichert was as disappointed as the prisoners. Edwards was standing on deck with a group of mates, trying to make out her name. Hundreds of eyes followed the path of the torpedo which had just been launched. His name and background were reason enough for him to hate and fear the Germans, but if he felt either emotion, he dis- guised it completely. "There was a hoodoo on the Trevanion from the start." He recalled a rumour that two men had been killed when the ship was built in 1937. "Up here, this damned tanker will have to turn and run from every dirty old tub she sees said an officer. But there was one man, nick-named Blondie, who behaved well. Yet!" "But said Captain Robison, "isn't that the idea of the exercise. Smith into Tyrolt's nearby cabin. Harwood decided to bluff. But they just grinned and looked the other way. Give our exact position. The face of one of them twitched continuously and another could not control his tremors. But the Cossack had been steaming towards it for well over twenty minutes. Curious glances followed them as they escorted two young sailors towards the deck. Harry Gandy, the Doric Star's chief steward, George King and "Pat" Paterson, of the Tairoa, were always ready to make a four. Plummer, engine-room storekeeper;. "Clocks back one hour Lieutenant Schmidt announced once more on his rounds. In his cabin Dau was giving final instructions about accom- modation. Spiers, sixth engineer;. With hardly a pause a third shell went through the sandbags in front of the chart and radio cabin. 6i In spite of the grievous wounds in her port side the Huntsman did not sink. McNeill made his decision. Another neutral country!* came the frantic signal of the Greek.

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